Community Grants

Community Grants

The missional work of Christ Church Cathedral is carried out through its clergy, staff, parishioners, and other members of the cathedral community. In addition, the Mission and Outreach Committee is given the specific task of doing Christ Church Cathedral’s support and advocacy work throughout Cincinnati, the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and beyond.

A subcommittee of the Mission and Outreach Committee, the Community Grants Committee, considers grant requests to Christ Church Cathedral for financial support.

Community grants are major funds awarded to organizations two times a year, following a several weeks application process. Community grant funds are obtained directly by the organizations that apply for them. The Community Grants Committee typically awards grants to organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area. On occasion, the committee will consider grants that serve organizations outside of Greater Cincinnati.

Each year, this committee also considers partnering with other churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio to make grants to organizations that they serve. The Community Grants Committee accepts applications from nonprofits from January 1 – March 31 and from June 1 – August 31 each year.  Grant awards are made in May and November.

Mission Priorities

Christ Church Cathedral supports organizations that help those who cannot help themselves, and organizations promoting reconciliation, social justice, and advocacy.

Christ Church Cathedral has a long history of aiding the forgotten, including those who are suffering from the impacts of poverty. Grant dollars are awarded to organizations that house, feed, and clothe the poor. However, the Cathedral also believes in addressing the causes of poverty and routinely awards grant funds to groups that foster mentoring and educational programs to break the cycle of poverty.

Christ Church Cathedral also strives to be a voice of truth on issues of social justice. The cathedral has awarded funds to groups involved in initiatives addressing racial inequality, LQBTQ rights, gun violence prevention, elder care, and gender inequality.
Social Justice